KNX Power Supplies (1A)

KNX Universal power supply 1A with additional output

Access controller

Access controller for installation in door (external/internal)

Temperature probes

Temperature probes available in steel and epoxy.

Multifunction actuator

Multifunction device with 9 outputs, 10 inputs


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KNX Power Supplies (1A)


Multifunction actuator 9outputs 10inputs (Homekit)


Temperature sensors standard


Temperature sensors for zennio inputs




Access control (Homekit)



What they are saying

Our Service Enabler bridges the network delivery infrastructure from business and operating support systems, seamlessly insulating the way services are delivered from the way they are managed and charged.

Saul Goodman

Ceo & Founder

Service Enabler Platform is designed from the outset for flexible deployment options, high-performance throughput, seamless scalability, and ease of maintenance.

Sara Wilsson


Service Enabler Platform can work with any transaction granularity – from large data files to single transaction events.

Jena Karlis

Store Owner

Service Enabler Platform is a state-of-the art mediation and provisioning solution, that supports any data exchange between any systems, in both online (streaming) and offline (file based) transactional modes.

Matt Brandon


The rapid emergence of different services and the evolution of network elements are driving a paradigm shift in the telecommunications industry. Faster and accurate collection, correlation and delivery of data have become vital for successful operation.

John Larson